Wooden Alphabet Set

A brush of Imagination 2 sets of Complete Alphabet Set. The images may look very similar but that where the similarity ends.

With the Large Wooden Letter Alphabet sets you get to choose as many colours and patterns such as stripes, stars and circles as you wish. They also consist of 20% larger wooden letters and the letter thickness varies from 6 mm - 18 mm. The total wall space they cover is approximately 5 meters. These fantastic Alphabet Sets cover a massive area in your child's room or play room. What a fantastic way to teach your child to recognize the name, colours and shape.

Small Alphabet Sets are look equally impressive on a wall. The wood letters are all made 6 mm thick and you can choose up to 4 colours that you want your letters in. They are easy to attach with 3m tape or blu tac. Once again, they are a awesome learning tool and will offer a lot of fun for your child.

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